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Lindsay Gross, Chief Operating Officer

Lindsay Gross Executive Vice President, Operations Lindsay is the Executive Vice President of Operations for National Medical Billing Services. She oversees the Company’s 500 employees and works to create unparalleled industry efficiency in all aspects of operations. Lindsay leverages her team’s cutting edge analytics to provide our clients with insightful information and advice. Simultaneously, she ensures that our outstanding team performs National Medical’s mission in optimum fashion to maximize financial returns for her clients while keeping them highly compliant. Lindsay has made it possible for surgery centers across the nation to increase their profitability since 2003 by identifying various revenue-cycle inefficiencies and then developing and implementing tailor-made solutions specific to each client’s individual needs. Her broad, in-depth knowledge and experience has included successful collaboration with large independent centers (handling in excess of 1900 cases monthly) as well as management companies and joint venture operations, some with more than 65 locations. Lindsay is an acknowledged expert with most ASC software management applications and practice management systems and at the same time leads the charge for implementation on the cutting-edge technologies that will create even more efficiency and financial returns for our clients.

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