CPT Coding Changes Every ASC Needs to Know

Five Key Coding Updates for 2023

During a Becker’s Webinar, Paul Cadorette, National Medical’s Director of Training and Education for Coding outlined five key coding changes for 2023, including new CPT add-on codes.

CPT coding topics included:

  • Lumbar disc arthroplasty
  • Minimally invasive SI joint fusions
  • Repair of nasal vestibular stenosis
  • Intragastric balloons
  • Hernia repairs

While discussing the topic of intragastric balloons, Paul addressed two new EGD codes 43290/43291.

“These EGD codes represent deployment and removal of intragastric balloon devices respectively, as a type of bariatric surgery treatment to assist with weight loss,” Paul explained.

He then detailed a Cigna Medical Policy (Number: 0051), which lists out the FDA approved intragastric balloon devices.

“Cigna identifies these devices as experimental, whether performed as a stand-alone procedure or in conjunction with another bariatric surgical procedure,” Paul said.

He recommended reviewing individual carrier policies for the appropriate billing and reimbursement guidelines regarding experimental procedures.

When discussing hernia repair and facet joint injection guidelines, Paul presented an in-depth discussion on how to properly code for maximum reimbursement based on the methodology surrounding the new CPT codes.


Watch our 45 second webinar video clip to learn more:

View the full webinar (1 hour)
Coding and Billing Updates that Could Impact Your Bottom Line Now and in the Future to learn more about the five key CPT changes for 2023.


Paul Cadorette, Director of Training and Education for Coding

CPC, CPC-P, COC, COSC, CASCC He specializes in coding support, auditing, and educational training with a primary focus in ASC coding. With 22 years of ASC coding experience, he is responsible for developing coding training seminars and educational webinars, which have been featured by the Ambulatory Surgery Center Association. Paul has also authored articles which have been published in the AAPC’s Coding Edge Magazine, Outpatient Surgery Magazine, and Becker’s ASC Review in addition to the monthly coding e-newsletter distributed by mdStrategies, a National Medical company. As a member of the American Academy of Professional Coders, Paul has lectured at numerous AAPC state and chapter conferences and multiple state ASC educational conferences. He has provided training for many of the industry’s largest healthcare corporations, and he’s been an integral part of National Medical’s education department since 2006.

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