Revenue Cycle Strategies (5)

Increasing The Profitability Of Orthopedics In ASCs
Increasing The Profitability Of Orthopedics In ASCs

With advancements in medical technology and high-quality outcomes, CMS has steadily allowed more orthopedic procedures to be performed in outpatient settings such as ambulatory surgery centers. However increasing the profitability of orthopedics in...

Maximizing Reimbursements In ASCs: A Review Of Reimbursement Methodology
By Scott Allen, Vice President, Managed Care Contracting, National Medical Billing ServicesWith the...
A 3-Step Financial Focus To Maximize ASC Revenue
By Lindsay Gross, Chief Operating Officer at National Medical Billing ServicesWhile COVID-19...
7 Financial Management Tips To Help ASCs Capitalize On A Rebounding ASC Market
Nader Samii, JD/MBA, Chief Executive Officer, National Medical Billing ServicesLindsay Gross,...
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Case Studies

Case Study: Why Surgical RC Expertise Matters For Hospital-affiliated ASCs

Configuring EHR and practice management systems for ASCs improves overall financial performance.

WEBINAR: Creating The Ultimate Patient Experience While Strengthening Your Revenue Cycle

National Medical shows you how to create the ultimate patient experience while strengthening your revenue cycle through technology, consumer protections, and best practices.

Case Study: How To Unlock Your Full Revenue Potential

This orthopedic case study details how total joint procedures unlocked an ASC’s key RCM metrics and full revenue potential.